Jacket and Vest Sizing

Please go to pages of individual styles for sizing information. Each vest has its own unique size chart based on the pattern of the item.

How to Accurately Measure Yourself

  • 1) Put on a thick shirt and a jacket/ riding jacket (this helps to determine maximum measurements)
  • 2) Relax your arms at your side. Have someone run a tape measure (or a string/ rope) under both armpits and around the chest at its widest point. Mark the string or note the measurement.
  • 3) If you used a string, measure it, this is your measurement when looking through the size charts.

Additional Notes

Larger riders may need to measure the fullest part of their stomach as well and take note of the “jacket/ vest bottom” measurement on the size charts.

Add 2 inches to the measurement if you prefer a “loose” fit.

Add 2 inches to the measurement if you plan on using the “concealed weapon” pocket on any of the garments.


Due to the washing involved in preparing Denim, sizing may not be exact. This size chart serves as a guideline only. Daniel Smart Manufacturing, Inc. is not responsible for any misordering.